The Best Cyber Monday Hoverboard Deals 2022!

Looking for the perfect Santa gift this year?  Deck the halls with Swag! 

Our Cyber Monday sale offers huge discounts on the hottest Christmas gifts of the year.  Whether you’re considering outdoor fun for yourself or your kid has a hoverboard at the top of their wish list, we have the best gyro scooters to fit your needs and budget.

Person riding a red and black hoverboard, model Vibe T580 from Swagtron with Bluetooth

So, What’s The Best Cyber Monday Hoverboard in 2022?

The true answer is, it depends on the rider. But for Cyber Monday 2022, we have included these three quick picks that range in features and skill requirements.

The Warrior /W Bluetooth

  • Cyber Monday 2022 Sale Price: $109.99
  • 30 LED music-synced party lights
  • UL-compliant LiFePo™
  • App-Enabled
  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • 44lbs (20 gk) minimum weight
  • 4hr charge time
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T6 Outlaw Off-Road Bluetooth Hoverboard

  • Cyber Monday 2022 Sale Price: $279.99
  • Best Off-Road Hoverboards in 2022”
  • “Best Off-Road Hoverboard”
  • “Best for Large Capacity”
  • “Best Heavy-Duty Hoverboard”
  • 10-inch All-Terrain Tires
  • Robust 300-Watt Dual Motors
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The Twist For Kids /W LED

  • Cyber Monday 2022 Sale Price: $99.99
  • UL-compliant LiFePo™
  • 4hr charge time
  • 44lbs (20 gk) min weight
  • Front LED lights
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The Best Off-Road Hoverboard – SWAGTRON swagBOARD Outlaw T6 For Sale Cyber Monday 2022

The Best Off-Road Hoverboard - SWAGTRON swagBOARD Outlaw T6 For Sale Cyber Monday 2022
SWAGBOARD T6 Outlaw Off-Road Bluetooth Hoverboard, 10 inch Wheels

Looking for excitement? We get it: just cruising along the smoothly paved road can get a little boring.  So take your ride off-road with the SWAGTRON T6.  This bad boy has 10-inch rubber tires, which are nylon-infused and reinforced with alloy steel.  This means they are shock-absorbent and hold up over time.  Needless to say, it can travel across any terrain, gravel, rocks, mud– you name it.

The powerful 300-watt dual motor hits a top speed of 12 miles per hour and a maximum range of 12 miles.  It is also capable of climbing a steep 30-degree incline without breaking a sweat.  You can keep track of the battery life through the mobile app for iOS and Android.  You can also monitor the speed and battery level, blast some tunes via the Bluetooth speaker, and more.

The ultra-strong frame supports riders up to 420 pounds.  And like all SWAGTRON Swagboards, the Outlaw T6 is rated IPX4 water-resistant and is UL2272-certified.

Best Cyber Monday Hoverboard for Adults and Teens 2022

The swagBOARD Warrior XL hoverboard.
The SWAGBOARD Warrior XL Hoverboard with LiFePo™ Battery.

You can glide with ease with the SWAGTRON Warrior self-balancing scooter.  This hoverboard has 6.5″ wheels that are sturdy and stable, making it easier to control– and riders will love the glowing LED lights and Infinity Wheels, which catch the light for a disco ball mirror maze effect.

The two 250W motors provide plenty of power, allowing the hoverboard to go up to a 10 degree incline and to reach speeds of 7.5 miles per hour.  The battery lasts 4-6 miles and recharges in under four hours.  It’s easy for beginners to learn to ride, and with a weight range up to 220 pounds lets either kids or adults hop and enjoy the ride. Concerned about safety?  The SWAGTRON exclusive LiFePo battery is one tough cookie.  Lithium phosphate batteries can last up to 30x more charging cycles than lithium-ion, they won’t combust or burn up, plus they can be stored for a long time and not lose energy.

The swagBOARD T580 Twist Hoverboard with EXCLUSIVE LiFePo™ superior battery tech.
The SWAGBOARD T580 Twist Hoverboard with EXCLUSIVE LiFePo™.

It took us some time to determine which of our hoverboards would be best for a kid’s needs on Christmas. We wanted to make sure that the board was not only fun but also came with a robust set of features.

After careful consideration, we chose the kids SWAGBOARD Twist hoverboard with light-up wheels.

This hoverboard is a great Christmas gift that offers our exclusive LiFePo™ battery, LED light wheels that light up the shape of a lion, and is UL 2272 compliant for safety. This board also only reaches a max speed of 6mph (10km/h) so those younger riders can learn how to ride with ease.


The SWAGTRON T6 Outlaw, Warrior T580, and Twist T580 are our top picks of our Cyber Monday 2022 Hoverboard Sale.  But if these electric self-balancing scooters don’t fit your exact needs, we still have you covered.  Check out our other Hoverboard Deals, or our other e-rideables to find the perfect ride.

And of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our support team via live chat.  Happy riding!



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