The Best Cyber Monday Electric Bike Deals 2022!

What is Santa bringing this year?  What’s in that giant box under the tree?  I can’t wait for Christmas!    Whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart, the excitement of Christmas gift-giving is in the air.  And during SWAGTRON’s Cyber Monday sale you can get one of the top-rated electric bikes around for the lowest prices ever!

E-bikes give you the freedom and power to explore more, extend your ride, and have more fun. Whether you’re looking for a faster, more enjoyable, and more planet-friendly commute or seeking more thrills on the trail, there’s a SWAGTRON e-bike for you.

The Best Cyber Monday Electric Bike Deals 2022!


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The Best Electric Bike for Sale Cyber Monday 2022 – SWAGTRON EB5 Pro Plus

The Best Electric Bike - EB 5 Pro Plus
$100 Off SWAGTRON EB 5 Pro Plus Electric Bike

Folding electric bikes are the most popular type of e-bikes on the market.  Folding bikes are a bit smaller than full size bikes and fold in half, making it easy to carry them into restaurants, tuck them under your desk, or to store in a small apartment or dorm.  You can motor around the city without having to worry about finding parking or a bike rack.   And when the weather is nice, you can take them on the bus or subway, then zip the rest of the way to work.

You might think that bikes are one-size-fits all, but that’s not true, especially with smaller folding bikes.  Unlike competitor’s options, the EB-5 Pro PLUS has a height-adjustable seat and handlebar to fit all body shapes and sizes.

The SWAGTRON EB5 Pro PLUS folding electric bike hits top speeds of 15mph.  This mini bike goes full throttle like an electric motorcycle, and also lets you pedal using leg power when you’re a leisurely bike ride through the neighborhood.

It lasts up to 15.5 miles on a single charge and you’ll never have to worry about running out of juice.  The EB5 PLUS has a removable battery pack that can be swapped out whenever you need it.  The battery can be charged when it’s attached to or separated from the bike, so you can plug it and top it off whenever you’re near a power outlet.

Best 2022 Cyber Monday Full Size Electric Road Bike Sales – SWAGTRON EB-12

Best 2022 Cyber Monday Full Size Electric Bike Sales.
Full Size Electric Road Bike – SWAGTRON EB-12.

Want a traditional bike but with and extra boost?  Then the SWAGTRON EB-12 is the bike for you.  Pedal when you want, and the pedal assist kicks on the motor to help out  when you’re tired or if you want a little more muscle to conquer steep hills.  Or go all out with the motor alone to zip at up to 16mph while you take in the sights.

The EB-12’s high-efficiency battery is removable, letting you swap out the battery without missing a beat. 

The Shimano gear system always finds the perfect gear with precise index shifting to conquer difficult hills and annoying inclines. The SWAGTRON EB-12 electric city bike supports adults up to 245 lbs.  It also is IPX-rated splash- and weather-resistant so you can enjoy the ride no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

SWAGTRON’s EB-12 e-bike features a very comfortable, upright riding position, and a large, cushy seat.  The deep-sweep handlebar let you ride without putting strain on your shoulders and lower back for a fatigue-free ride.  The low step-through frame makes mounting and dismounting easier, and the cushioned, extra-wide, spring-supported saddle adjusts to whatever height feels best.


Put a smile on someone’s face with a gift they never would have expected.  If hills are discouraging them from riding a bike, electric bikes are the perfect solution! The boost will help power right up hills, so longer, faster trips are always within reach.  No more worrying about climbing up a beast of a hill or getting too exhausted to make it back home.

But if these electric bikes don’t fit your exact needs we still have you covered.  Check out our other Electric Bike Deals, or other products to find the perfect outdoor gift of the 2022 Christmas season.  And of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our support team via live chat.  Happy riding!



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