The Best Cyber Monday Electric Scooter Deals 2022!

Cyber Monday is finally here.  If you’re planning your Christmas holiday shopping, you’ve come to the right place.  Looking for the best holiday gift?  Here are our recommended best-sellers that will impress everyone on your list, from adults to kids.

What’s up with the electric scooter craze?  E-scooters look like traditional kick scooters with a deck, wheels, and handlebars.  But instead of having to power the scooter with your legs, electric scooters feature a motor that does all the work.  Some e-scooters are foldable, which makes them a great choice if you need to carry your e-rideable as a last-mile transportation option or if you have limited storage space at your home, school, or office.  These scooters are great for traveling shorter distances, have a long-lasting battery, and a solid build quality that holds up during daily commuting.

$110 Off SWAGTRON Swagger-5 Boost

Best Cyber Monday Electric Scooter Sale 2022

Best Electric Scooter Cyber Monday Sales 2022 for Adults and Teens – SWAGTRON Swagger SG-5 Boost

The Best Cyber Monday Electric Scooter sales for Adults and Teens
The Best Electric Scooter for Adults and Teens

The Swagger 5 Boost is an electric scooter that has it all: a powerful motor, great range, stylish looks, and much more.  Thanks to its 300-watt motor, it powers up hills without breaking a sweat, zipping along twice as fast as low-powered scooters in the same price range.

Because of its ultra-folding design, the SG-5 is the best electric scooter for those who have to take it on public transportation.  It folds easily and at 26 pounds, it’s light enough to carry up a flight of stairs on your way home.  It can reach top speeds of 18 miles per hour and lasts for about 11 miles of roaming, which makes it a good fit for city dwellers.

With a wide deck for added stability and cruise control for easy riding, this e-scooter is very beginner friendly.  There’s an iPhone and Android app that lets you track speed, use GPS to check the map, and activate the ultra-bright LED headlight with the tap of a button.  It also charges quickly– in only 3.5 hours– so you’ll be ready to ride whenever the mood strikes.

Person riding a SWAGTRON Swagger 5 Boost Electric Scooter

The Best Electric Scooter for Kids – SWAGTRON Swagger SK-1

The Swagger SK-1 Electric Scooter
The Swagger SK-1 Electric Scooter

The SWAGTRON SK1 caters to a wide age range of kids, from 5 to 9.  This scooter features a safe braking system and can be used as an electric scooter and a kick scooter.  To get the motor going, push the scooter up to 3 mph, then the motor kicks in to reach speeds of up to 6.2 mph.  The handlebar is height adjustable, which means it grows with your child.

A unique and super cool feature is that it was designed for safety.  It’s ASTM F2641 certified so parents can put their minds at ease.  There’s a patented weight sensor that doesn’t rely on mechanical buttons that can break or get stuck.  And thanks to patented AUTOGUARD technology, pressing down on the footbrake automatically disengages the motor.  The anti-slip, extra-wide deck also is an additional layer of safety and control for your child’s growing feet.


Looking for unique gifts for your loved ones this holiday season?  Swag-Santa to the rescue with the perfect gifts for men, women, and children.  The SWAGTRON Swagger 5 Boost and the SK-1 are our top picks of our Cyber Monday Electric Scooter Sale 2022.  But if these don’t fit your exact needs, we still have you covered.  Check out our other E-scooter Deals, or our other e-rideables to find the perfect ride.

And of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our support team via live chat.  Happy riding!



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