How Much Does an Electric Scooter for Kids Cost?

Parents, picture this: Your kids, faces finally out from behind their computer screens, outside, enjoying a sunny afternoon, with the wind whizzing through their hair and a smile on their face. It’s no secret that youngsters are on top of technology, and electric scooter offer the ideal balance between staying active and up-to-date. Add to that, eScooters boost exercise among little ones, help them stay healthy and increase their connection with local friends. The good news for parents? There are many affordable models available, so you can treat your kids without breaking the bank.

Girl wearing helmet riding a K5 3-wheeled light-up kick scooter.
Keep young kids active and engaged with a K5 light-up three-wheeled kick scooter.

Age Range Influences Scooter Prices 

You don’t want your toddler riding the same scooter as your teenager, which is why selections are available for every age group. There’s also a wide range of pricing in the electric scooters market, with major manufacturers offering models ranging from $50 to over $2,000. So, what’s the difference? A variety of factors mandate pricing, from size and weight to the age range they’re designed for. 

When shopping for toddlers, for example, you want a scooter they can grow with, which is reassuring to them. Toddlers, after all, are just learning how to propel themselves with foot power and aren’t ready for electric mode. Many of these models feature adjustable height or conversion to other toys, so they can easily last for years. 

Older children benefit from optimized motors and increased speed, allowing them to roll along faster and for longer durations. When shopping for children, here’s a few things to watch out for.

Toddler Scooters

While not exactly electric, toddler scooters and balance trikes go a long way in giving young ones a “head start” when it comes to developing balance, control and stamina. These three-wheel models make great starter scooters for the tiniest of tots, with built-in safety features at every turn. Their durability and affordable price tag make them an easy addition to any wish list. And with many of them, you’ll get the benefit of having two ride-on toys in one.


  • $20-$70


  • Premier balance
  • Quick, easy assembly 
  • Adjustable height
  • Foldable models available
  • LED lighting available

Our Pick:

Convertible Scooters 

This trendy toy offers an array of options to keep little bodies occupied. From a three-wheel tricycle to a full-sized scooter, convertible models provide extra support, enabling kids to adjust as they grow.  


  • $30-$150


  • Multiple toys in one (2-4, varies by model)
  • Easy assembly and conversion
  • 2+ riding modes
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Designed for balance as children grow

Our Pick:

Young boy toddler wearing a helmet, riding on a K6 4-in-1 ride-on scooter.
Grab 4 ride-on toys in 1 with the K6 Toddler Scooter and Balance Bike.

Tween eScooters

Once they graduate to big-kid status, their scooter needs an update too. It’s time to bring in some electric power. These larger models are an excellent upgrade for tweens seeking some adventure, with added durability and an increased weight limit.


  • $50-$400


  • Foldable
  • Adjustable sizing
  • Kick scooter
  • LED lighting available
  • Electric kick-start
  • Auto-boost available
  • Cruise motor

Our Pick:

Teen boy wearing a helmet and riding on a Swagger SK3 Glide.
Hop up, ride on & show off with the SK3 Glide eScooter with light-up wheels.

Don’t Forget Safety Gear

Kids think they’re invincible, but adults know otherwise, so don’t forget safety essentials like helmets and elbow pads. 


Today’s tech-savvy helmets go beyond the basics, providing increased durability and convenient safety features. The Livall BH60, for instance, includes six rear lights for safety and visibility, along with built-in Bluetooth, phone and SOS alerts. Kids’ helmets range from $30-$120, so you have a wide range of options. 

Elbow Pads

You never want them to fall, but elbow pads provide welcome cushioning — just in case. For a lighter feel that delivers maximum coverage, try elbow or knee sleeves. Today’s options aren’t just affordable; they offer shock-resistant technology and are contoured for comfort, making them easy for little ones to adjust to. 

What About Maintenance?

You want to keep your kid’s eScooter in excellent condition, but how? Just like traditional scooters, they wear out through the years, requiring parts to be maintained or replaced. With a little proactive maintenance, however, you can keep your kid rolling for years. 


To extend battery life, experts recommend charging scooters to 100% every few days. If your kids often ride, get them into the habit of charging it after every ride, waiting about 30 minutes for the cooldown process. Don’t leave it at a low level (less than 10%), as this can cause lasting damage while leaving it dead can also be detrimental. Batteries run from $150-$250, so you can save a lot with this one simple step.


Check tire pressure before every journey. A basic tire repair costs between $10 and $20, depending on damage severity. A new one could run you around $30, but routine pumpings help maximize lifespan.

Storage and Cleaning

Store the scooter in a clean, dry place, and you can reduce pesky dirt and dust buildup. After every ride, wipe the eScooter’s components clean with a damp cloth, inspecting each piece as you go. Add dish soap to spots that accumulate extra grime, and take a toothbrush between the hinges and spokes. For just a few bucks, you can help your kid’s favorite scooter glide smoothly for years. 

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