3 Ways to Buy SWAGTRON® Electric Scooters

A person on a Swagger 7T Transport electric scooter

So you want to up your swag? Of course, you do. After looking through our eRides, how could you not? By now, you’ve decided an electric scooter suits your swag best and may have picked out the model that’s right for you. But the age-old question remains: where should I buy my ride?

If it bears the SWAGTRON® name, it’s going to have the quality and swag that you deserve. To help you find the best deal out there, we’ve put together a list of the best places to buy SWAGTRON electric scooters, with some things to consider for each.

1. Can I Buy SWAGTRON Electric Scooters Online?

Diagram of the online marketplaces that carry SWAGTRON, incl. Best Buy, Walmart & Amazon.

The many online marketplace options carrying SWAGTRON electric scooters.

The short answer is yes. But given the number of online marketplaces and retailers to choose from these days, that doesn’t narrow it down much. The digital universe has plenty of sellers to choose from, but we don’t recommend handing over your hard-earned cash to some random “vendor” whose inventory is really just odds and ends in his garage. Better to buy from a reputable seller so that you know what you’re getting, and even then it’s best to be careful. With that in mind, here are some online suppliers you can look to for your SWAGTRON merch:

  • Amazon. They supply everything else in the universe, so why wouldn’t they carry SWAGTRON, too? You can find our products sold directly through Amazon’s site, but just be careful to make sure you buy from a vendor with a high rating. It’s worth the extra expense.
  • Best Buy. We’re friends with this all-purpose tech store too, so you can find our rides here also — though there’s no guarantee they’ll have the exact eScooter model you’re looking for.
  • Walmart. You can buy your groceries, your clothes, your car parts, and just about everything else life demands at Sam Walton’s place, and you can get one of our electric scooters here too — but again, no guarantees as to model.
  • Costco. Yeah, they’re considered the “bulk store,” but they’ve routinely sold exclusive SWAGTRON models before, made especially for their members. The exclusive models also came with swag benefits not found anywhere else.

It doesn’t really matter which one you’re looking at. The point with all digital marketplaces and online retailers is the same: you may be able to save a few bucks, but the selection isn’t a given. You’ve bought online before, so you get how this works: you usually have no trouble at all, but if the product has passed through other hands between the manufacturer and you, there’s always some risk.

2. Can I Buy My Electric Scooter Locally?

Cartoon character riding the Swagger 7T Transport and shopping locally at a Mom & Pop store.

Support local! Some local stores carry SWAGTRON products.

Supporting local businesses is important. But it’s also difficult to do sometimes. Especially when it comes to electric rideables that, for many, are still considered “niche.” If you can find a mom-and-pop eRide shop, you’re more than welcome to support them. Many riders love the touch factor and personal rapport they build when they buy local but finding an electric scooter provider near you is dependent upon your location. And, because the little guy has to compete to survive with the giants, we can’t guarantee they won’t have to charge you a bit more to stay afloat.

3. Can I Buy My Electric Scooter From SWAGTRON?

We thought you’d never ask! Buying directly from the manufacturer is often the best way to guarantee the quality product you deserve, and it’s a sure bet in getting the exact electric scooter that you had your heart set on. You’re also more likely to get warranty protection that online retailers may not supply. This keeps you from having to worry about what that guy on Amazon meant when he said your ride was in “acceptable” condition, and it ensures your electric scooter comes the way you’re expecting.
4-split image feature people riding various SWAGTRON products, including the EB10 eBike, the Swagger 7T Transport, Warrior hoverboard, and K8 kick scooter.

The one place to find them all: SWAGTRON.COM!

If you know you want an eScooter but haven’t chosen a specific one, you have all the more reasons to buy straight from us, as our website lets you browse and compare the full selection of our models. And if you still need more help, our quality customer support knows the eRide industry inside and out, and we’ll do everything we can to put you on the eScooter that’s right for you.

Have Swag, Will Buy

From online marketplaces to local eRide experts, you’re sure to find SWAGTRON products wherever swag and speed are sold. Many of these places offer a solid selection of our electric scooters with minimal risk of a damaged product, but it’s still important to buy from a trusted vendor. Given that we’re the ones making our product, we’re pretty sure that’s us. Warranty protection, complete selection, personal attention — why not get your swag straight from the source?

We think we’re the best suppliers of our eScooters, but we’re okay with it if you’d like to get your swag another way. What really counts is that you find the electric scooter of your dreams.

Last Update: November 3, 2021  

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