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SWAGTRON K1 Mini Kick Scooter: The Sturdy Scooter for the Young and Young at Heart

Kick up your child’s cool factor with the heavy duty SWAGTRON K1 Foldable Scooter for teens and kids. It meets ASTM F2264 standards for non-powered scooters to ensure your peace of mind as a rider or parent.

As the perfect riding companion for ages 7 to 15, the kick scooter will accommodate kids and teens of nearly any height! It features a height adjustable stem and high-grade aluminum alloy frame that easily carries up to 220 lbs.

With the kick scooter kids, each kick down the street will feel comfortable and smooth. The 20” deck is fully covered with grip tape while the handles feature non-slip sleeves. Your son or daughter need only plant their feet and hold on to begin riding without fear of falling off.
The fully rotating stem can steer out of obstacles and built-in brakes provide instant stops. There is even a quick lock to help prevent the 2 wheel scooter from accidentally folding.

Give the gift of unstoppable fun with SWAGTRON’s K1 Push Scooter.

Pick a Color
The K1 will be the cool new scooter for teenage girls and boys. It is available as a green kids scooter or kids blue scooter. Choose black and electric blue for a super-charged look or choose vibrant red and green for a fun, fresh vibe. Take your pick!

Double Clamp
The boys scooter features a double clamp that locks tight around the stem for overall added stability.

Folds & Locks for Transport
Since the foldable teen scooter weighs less than 7 lbs, transporting it is as easy as carrying a bag.

1. Open the quick lock.
2. Place one foot on the deck. While pushing the stem slightly forward, press the lever.
3. Fold the stem over the deck and close the quick lock to secure.

Park with the Kickstand
This teen size scooter doesn’t have to lean against a wall to stay upright. Simply pull out the kickstand for instant parking.

Detachable Handlebars
To store the 2 wheel scooter in narrow nooks, just fold and secure the handles.

1. Press the metal pegs.
2. Pull the handles out.
3. Secure the handles into the built-in holder.

Swagtron K1 Ages 7-12 Kick Scooter Reviews

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Summary for K1 Kick Scooter
Average Score: 4.8 (5 ratings)

My son loves his new scooter! So glad it comes with a kickstand so I don’t run it over in the garage! Ha

Swagtron Kick Scooter

My grandson loves it. He is 9 yrs old and like the fact the he can scoot very fast.

good starter

My grandson wanted this and it is perfect for running up and down the sidewalks and to the park

Good product

Decent product for the price. Love that it has a kickstand. Hoping that it will stand up to the weight limit of 220#’s as advertised.
The o

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